Soil Surveys, Environmental Assessment & Land Management

About Land Research Associates

Land Research Associates specialises in all aspects of soils, land quality and rural land use. Comprehensive knowledge and skills in soil survey, soil physics and soil hydrology are used to assist in the planning and management of infrastructure and development projects, reclamation of despoiled land, habitat protection and the recycling of wastes to land.

The company has assisted government departments and agencies produce Codes of Practice for soil protection and land reclamation.

LRA staff have worked on international projects such as planning irrigation schemes, new mines and land reclamation, and have trained scientists in soil survey and land suitability assessment.

Latest News

Posted on 1st Dec 2016
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Land Research Associates. The past 25 years of successful trading has seen several changes in project types, largely stimulated by…
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Posted on 25th Nov 2016
The flooding that recently affected the south of England and Northern France in the wake of Storm Angus was exacerbated in many areas by poor land management that has reduced the soil’s…
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